Corium Lemon Brightening Serum Helps Customer Clear Dark Spots

We chat to Ncebazakhe Dingela, who’s testimonial blew us away! She uses the popular Corium Brightening Turmeric bar soap and Brightening Lemon Serum combo, which has done amazing things for her skin!
Which CORIUM products do you use?
What were your skin concerns prior to using CORIUM?

In 2016, I suffered from a  breakout. I  went to see a normal GP and he prescribed antibiotics and a cream for my pimples. The cream burnt my skin and I was left with scarring and hyper-pigmentation. I  started using the Lemon Brightening Serum to fade the scarring and brighten my skin. I’ve recently started using the Turmeric Soap and it has helped to minimise the dark patches around my mouth.

Please take us through your daily beauty routine.

I wash my face with warm water using the Turmeric soap. I then splash cold water to close my pores.I haven’t found a toner that works for my skin so I don’t tone. I then apply extra virgin olive oil as a moisturiser followed by a sunscreen with SPF 50. I heard that sun exposure can make your scars even darker and sunscreen helps with preventing such a problem. At night, I take off my make-up and wash my face the same way I do in the morning. I then apply the Lemon Brightening Serum and go to bed.

How long have you been using the products?

I have been using the Lemon Brightening Serum since Nov/Dec 2016 and the Turmeric Soap since June 2017.

Please tell us how your preferred products have treated you?

I love them! The serum is my favourite. It’s a good night-time moisturiser and a little goes a long way .I also love the Turmeric soap because it doesn’t dry out my skin or leave it feeling tight . I’m always getting compliments about how good my skin looks.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Yes, I think also using a scrub (raw honey and brown sugar) twice a week also helped to improve the texture of my skin. I stay away from the sun as much as I can. I also go for deep-cleansing facials once a month. It took me some time to finally see the difference. With skin, one needs to be very patient. And also as cliche as it sounds, drinking water does help improve the overall appearance of ones skin.
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