Corium Customers Love the Skin Perfecting Butter

Philile Nxumalo adores the Corium Skin Perfecting Butter the most. She doesn’t only use it on her body, but face too. Find out how it’s treated her so far.

Which CORIUM products do you use?
I use the African Black Soap (ABS), Skin Perfecting Body Butter, Activated Charcoal Clay Mask and the Lemon Brightening  Serum.
What were your skin concerns prior to using CORIUM?
I have oily skin every seasons and that results in acne, which leave a lot of spots on my face. Even though I tried different products, I couldn’t get rid off them.
Please take us through your daily beauty routine.
I wash my face twice a day with the ABS. In the morning I apply a little bit of the skin perfecting body butter then at night I’ll apply the lemon brightening serum. Twice or three times a week at night I steam my face with water, lemon and a pinch of salt for five minutes, then I rinse with cold water. After my face has dried I apply the charcoal clay mask, leave it to dry then rinse with warm water and apply the lemon brightening serum.
How long have you been using the products?
I have been using the products close to a year now.
Please tell us how your preferred products have treated you?
The skin perfecting body butter and the lemon brightening serum are amazing. It has required a lot of patience from my side, so it takes a while to see and feel the results.
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