Corium Launches the Spa-Grade Masks: A Premium Range For All Skin Types

Corium has established itself as a premium skincare brand that prides itself on being innovative and offering its clients unique products that help to improve the overall appearance of their skin. Following on the success of our initial offerings, we are proud to announce the launch of the new Corium Spa-Grade Mask range.

Corium Spa-Grade Masks


Facial masks have long shed their ‘expensive, once-a-month luxury’ stereotype. Masks are now an integral step in our weekly grooming regimes, as they target skincare concerns more effectively thanks to the concentration of active ingredients.

What sets the Corium Spa-Grade Masks range apart is the natural material that acts as active ingredients in each mask. The line includes five specially formulated masks that target a very wide range of skin concerns, including pigmentation, acne and blackheads.

Why were the original masks – Activated Charcoal Clay Mask and Brightening Turmeric Clay Mask – discontinued? We are driven by brand growth and leading innovation. We used the following criteria to redesign the masks:

  • Research – sourcing the best skincare ingredients from all over the world
  • Formulation – combining suitable active ingredients to create the masks
  • Innovation – keeping in line with Corium’s mission to maintain its competitive edge
  • Product development – ensuring that every product on offer is of the highest standard
  • Temperature – optimum setting that would ensure maximum efficacy
  • Shelf-life – how long can the masks last

By going back to the drawing board and aligning with Corium’s strategic intent of growing its Spa-Grade offering, a new line of natural facial masks was conceptualised. In undertaking this new assignment, we sought the expertise of an international mask formulator whose experience spans across the Korean and UK skincare markets.

The new range of Corium’s Spa-Grade Masks includes the following masks:

  1. Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask
  2. Pore-Contracting Gel Mask
  3. Green Tea Clay Mask
  4. Turmeric Clay Mask
  5. Activated Charcoal Peel Mask

What sets Corium Spa-Grade Masks apart?

Each mask has been carefully crafted using premium natural ingredients. The Corium Spa-Grade Masks do not contain any harmful ingredients that are found in some of the beauty products in the market, such as propylene glycol, diazodinyl urea, talc and parabens. The masks adhere to natural skincare norms, and follow on Corium’s hallmarks of simplicity, purity and credibility.

What does this mean for Corium customers?

Corium is always looking for ways to offer premium skincare products at a very affordable and competitive price. Unlike others, the new Spa-Grade Masks also last longer, ensuring that a little goes a long way.

The shelf life of the masks is three years when sealed, and three months once the mask is opened.

The masks come in 50ml for R120 each, and 100ml for R200 each. The multi-masking pack that includes 5x 50ml masks retails for R480.

Additionally, the mask launch includes a Vegan Face Mask Brush, which retails for R60 each.

Corium Vegan Mask Brushes

The Spa-Grade masks will be available at our stockists, Plush Luxury, Studio MoMa, Faithful-to-Nature, as well as our online store,

The Corium Spa-Grade Masks range go on sale on: 27 June 2018.

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Corium Spa-Grade Masks and Vegan Mask Brushes

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