We are Corium Skincare

Welcome to the Corium Skincare blog. Our home where we will be sharing our tips, educating you on skincare and hearing what you have to say as the Corium family.

Your journey to naturally beautiful skin starts here, and we’re excited to welcome you to our new blog platform.

Corium Skincare is home to Corium Naturals and Corium Luxe. Corium (pronounced Ko-Ree-Yum) is the Latin word for ‘dermis’ – the deepest layer of the skin. In its most raw meaning, Corium can also be translated to mean ‘the truest skin’. That is what we at Corium are all about: giving you your ‘true’ skin.

We are a South-African owned and founded natural skincare range that uses the best in natural ingredients to provide you with beautiful skin. Corium Skincare is the umbrella brand  which owns the Corium Naturals and Corium Luxe ranges. This brand has

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