Get a Glowing Even-Tone Complexion with Moringa Oil

Have you ever looked at the firm, smooth and even-toned skin of women in Africa and Asia, and thought to yourself, ‘I want to look like that too!’ Well, the answer might be Moringa Oil.

Oil and water


A research paper done by Wits University reveals that the moringa tree, which is called ‘Moringa oleifera’, was first discovered all the way in India and Asia. But, it also grows in Western Africa, like Ghana and Senegal, up in the north in Egypt and then, far below here in South Africa. Moringa oil is so ancient, Egyptians used to place some of it in their tombs to preserve the dead bodies, as well as in body creams because of its moisturising qualities. Because it contains a lot of behenic acid, moringa oil is also known as Ben Oil.


The Moringa tree produces long pods, which contain seeds. Back in the days, the oil used to be pressed by hand, but now the oils are extracted using the modern cold-pressing method. Check out this video of Moringa being cold-pressed here. Another way to produce moringa oil is to roast, mash or boil the seeds. After the mixture is strained, the oil will naturally float to the top.

  • Moringa oil has more than 40 anti-oxidants and a very high content of Zeatin (a plant hormone linked to anti-aging), which can even out your skin complexion.
  • It can act as an exfoliant that removes dead skin cells, revealing new and healthier skin.
  • The behenic acid acts as the skin’s refiner, leaving you with a smooth-looking body.
  • When mixed with Tamanu oil, moringa can be a very powerful wound healer because it has strong anti-septic and anti-fungal properties.
  • Its superior moisturising qualities is due to the omega fatty acids.

Moringa Oil is suitable for all skin types, and for those with pre-existing fungal conditions.



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