#ThisIsLuxe: Experience Opulence With Corium’s Luxe Pure Oils

Corium Skincare thrives on bringing you the best in natural beauty. This time, we’ve sourced luxurious premium oils from all over the world.  We introduce to you the Luxe Pure Oils, a range of premium organic beauty oils that are suitable for the face and body.

The whole range of Corium Luxe Pure Oils

Every region in the world has well-preserved traditional beauty practices that help to keep their skin flawless and radiant. Think of the dark and velvety-matte skin of African women, the creamy caramel tones in the Himalayas and dewy-finish feel of people in the Tahiti region. It’s mostly maintained by using beauty ingredients that are found in nature.

So, what has our expedition found, and where are these oils from, you ask? Well, we searched as far as Tahiti – the largest island in the South Pacific – and as close as the Kalahari region here in Africa to offer you a unique experience in natural skincare.

#ThisIsLuxe #PremiumOils

The Pure Luxe Oils range includes:

Argan Oil – Morocco
Tamanu Oil – Tahiti
Boabab Oil – Savannah Region of Africa
Moringa Oil – South Africa
Pomegranate Seed oil – Himalayas
Rosehip Seed Oil – Mayan region

All of these oils are certified organic except Moringa Oil, which is wild-harvested and cold-pressed to keep all of nature’s goodness inside.

Founder of Corium Skincare Vuyi Zondi says, “We’re going back to our hallmark, which says that we’re about traditional beauty practices. We researched these oils very well and found them all to have wonderful properties for the skin. All the oils are pure.”

We’ll be explaining each oil and its origin in great detail so you can know exactly what each oil is used for. Some of our customers have been blind-testing the new oils and gave us feedback, which we’ve included in the oil descriptions.

The Corium Luxe Pure Oils range will be available on www.coriumskincare.co.za from 24 November 2017, and Plush Luxury in Joburg.

We hope you enjoy the Corium Luxe Pure Oils. We loved sourcing the range, and know you’ll enjoy it too.

#ThisIsLuxe #PremiumOils

7 thoughts on “#ThisIsLuxe: Experience Opulence With Corium’s Luxe Pure Oils

    • Corium Skincare says:

      Hi Yolisa! Thank you for showing interest in the Corium Luxe Pure Oils. November is around the corner so they’ll be launching really soon!

      Please be on the lookout for more articles on how to use the oils, and which ones are suitable for oily skin. They’ll be published soon!

  1. Eva Mtho says:

    Hey I want to order the Tamanu oil from the new range and I can’t find the price and it’s not listed on the online shop.

  2. Ramaisela Jacqueline says:

    I’m so in love with the rosehip and tamanu oils, it’s only been two weeks of using them and my skin is glowing, acne scares are going away it’s truly amazing. Thank you corium.

    • Corium Skincare says:

      Thank you for the awesome feedback, Jacqueline! We hope your skincare journey with Corium continues to be rewarding!

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