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So, you’ve decided to ditch your normal 3-step routine in favour of a 100% natural skincare regime, and now you’re stuck. What now?

More and more people are turning to organic products, not only for health reasons, but also to achieve great skin. In fact, a survey done in the United States called the Green Beauty Barometer found that at least 54% of the 1,000 people surveyed want their products to be 100% natural. This trend is also catching on in South Africa; if opinions shared on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are anything to go by, then most of us are very hungry for a solution to all our skincare problems. These include rando­­­m breakouts, pigmentation and dull skin, among many others.

But, one must tread carefully. Yes, nature’s bounty is filled with answers to most – if not all – our concerns. From clays to oils every great ingredient must be used with extra care.


We can’t stress this enough – natural skincare should never replace medication prescribed to you by a doctor, or be used to self-treat any medical problem. All essential oils and butters are very powerful: a little bit can be quite effective. So before you throw away all your drugstore brand products, speak to a professional first.

Find out what your skin type is, what it needs and what the problem areas are. This way, you can shop around and buy exactly what your glo-up needs.

Now that’s out of the way, we can explore all the benefits of essential oils and butters.


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  1. Kim says:

    I’ve recently bumped into your IG page and Twitter page. I ordered two Skin Perfecting Butter Jars yesterday. I’m hoping to see an improvement on my stretch marks caused by pregnancy. Im seeing many great reviews for your stuff. So here’s to happy skin. Will definitely review! And hope to get my order soon…

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