Get a Hydration Boost with the Green Tea Clay Mask

Skin and wellness experts are always preaching about the wonders of green tea. Why? Because it really is the healthiest natural tea in the world. Its benefits, found in the Green Tea Clay Mask, are endless. We love it for its hydration and moisturisation properties.

Corium Spa-Grade Green Tea Clay Mask

a quick breakdown of the active ingredients

Panthenol is an acid that is found in plants. It’s commonly referred to as Vitamin B5, which attracts moisture from the atmosphere and locks it inside the skin cells. When used consistently, it alleviates itchiness.

Vitamin E can block free radicals in the skin so it’s able to age slow, prevents wrinkles and fine lines. It’s also an anti-inflammatory – when it comes into contact with the skin, it has a soothing effect which is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Added natural Goodness

Green tea is super rich in antioxidants – known as catechins – that help fight the early signs of ageing like wrinkles and sun damage. These potent elements also help your skin cells to heal. In fact, a study done by the University of Miami revealed that people who either drank or used green tea as a face wash reported a drastic reduction of pimples.

The Green Tea Clay Mask contains ingredients such as Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, Coconut and Olive Oil. Argan helps to reduce acne scarring, while Aloe Vera plays a very important role in soothing the skin. The Coconut and Olive oils boost moisture, ensuring that your skin feels soft and supple.

who can use it?

This is perfect for oily skin that is acne-prone. If you get those annoying blackheads, this is good for you too. The green tea component also increases hydration levels, giving you that youthful glow.

How to use it:

Wash the skin. Using your Corium Vegan Mask, apply a small amount of the mask to the face, making sure to avoid the eye area. Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes to dry completely. Rinse with tepid water.

Works well with: 

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Corium Spa-Grade Green Tea Clay Mask and Vegan Masks

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