Welcome Spring with Luxurious Body Soaps

Don’t you just love it when a bar of soap does more than keep you clean? When it smells so intoxicating, you want to eat it? We catch up with the CORIUM founder to find out how the cleansing body bars came about.

What was the inspiration behind the CORIUM cleansing body bars?

The soaps are part of Luxe range. They’re textured and are formulated to deliver that spa experience, in the comfort of your home. These are suitable for use on the body.

Customers love the packaging. How did you decide on the boxes?

The packaging is a customised Wilbalin box. It looks incredible, and distinguishes CORIUM Luxe in the market. And, they are perfect as gifts!

The word ‘herbal’ is used to described the soaps. What does that mean?

Our cleansing body bars are natural formulations and all colour and scent is achieved with organic matter. The bars contain no preservatives or animal matter and are entirely botanical.

Tell us more about the pack.

Each pack includes the Baobab & Mint leaves, Vanilla, Rose & Patchouli with Rose petals, Lemon Verbena with Lemon Verbena leaves, and Vanilla & Oats.


Let’s hear from you? Have you tried them? Which one is your favourite?


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