All You Need to Know About the Corium Luxe Pure Oils

The excitement is palpable! But first things first – learn how to use the new Corium Luxe Pure Oils,  how much they’ll cost and when you’ll finally get  your hands on them, in this informative video.

And there you have it – from 24 November 2017, you can rush to Plush Luxury to purchase an oil of your choice, which will retail at R180 per 50ml bottle. Or, you can take advantage of the duo combo price of R300.

The oils can replace your daily moisturising cream, and can be used on both the face and body, in the morning and at night so you can glow from head to toe – a few drops a day go a long way.

Stay tuned for a break down on each of the oils so you can buy one that is created specially for you!

The Corium Luxe Pure Oils range will be available on from 24 November 2017, and Plush Luxury in Joburg.


The whole range of Corium Luxe Pure Oils


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