Reblog: Prêt á Revi Reviews the Popular Lemon Brightening Overnight Serum

KZN-based beauty and lifestyle creative Revi Govender, of the Prêt á Revi blog, has reviewed the Corium Skincare Lemon Brightening Overnight Serum. This is what she had to say:

Lemon Brightening Overnight Serum

I had been quite serious when I had mentioned that I was upping my skincare game for 2018. Nearing twenty-six, I need to start taking better care of my skin. I can’t help but stare at the very very fine laughter lines, scarring, uneven skin tone, the occasional breakout and hyperpigmentation which seem to follow me around everywhere. Which is why we’re talking about serums today.

And though I may be plagued with spots from time to time, my focus needed to become more inclusive. I changed my skincare regimen and two weeks in (a post soon to follow), my skin appears more supple and youthful. Healthy looking, a subtle glow and part of my new skincare regimen results can be attributed to my new brand purchase, Corium Skincare serums.

I’ll be honest, this is my first serum. I had this weird perception prior to my purchase that serums would just be adding more oil to your face and surely that doesn’t make sense? Does it? But after my research and purchase, I’m a serum cheerleader.

Serums are fast-acting skincare products, that have a number of delightful benefits. High absorption rates, keeping your skin hydrated and depending on the ingredients can reduce your skin concerns all beneficial to maintaining healthy and clear skin. My skin had begun looking rather dull lately, I noticed that the smallest pimples were leaving behind the darkest scars and my unevenness in skin tone was becoming more noticeable.

With my transition into conscious living, I have been determined to purchase only products that are cruelty-free, vegan and with minimal waste. But that seems to often come slightly pricier, so after being recommended a Lemon Brightening Serum from Corium Skincareand doing some online research – I was ready to support an affordable local brand that was cruelty-free.

My breakouts have been significantly reduced since I introduced this serum into my regimen. And I mean significantly enough to notice, that after two weeks of consistent use I have yet to find any new spots. My skin appears more refreshed and I’ve fallen in love with the scent. After just two weeks of use, I am confident this is a product I will definitely continue using. Priced at R120,00, Corium Skincare offers the most affordable serums available in South Africa that I have come across. All 50ml is packaged in a well-designed glass bottle, clean design and easy to use dropper. With a R75,00 delivery fee across South Africa, my order was delivered within a week and I received notifications along the way to confirm when my package was on the way.

Will I be repurchasing? Yes. Should you try Corium Skincare too? Yes.

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