‘The Corium blog will be a leading voice in the natural beauty arena’ – Founder

The Corium Skincare blog is going to be an informative yet fun place where all-things natural beauty will be discussed. We catch up with Founder and MD, Vuyi Zondi, about what's in store for this beautiful space, created just for you.

There are hundreds of skincare products on the market, which can be overwhelming. What are your tips to navigating that space?

It definitely can be overwhelming because the skincare market is highly saturated. However, this is not a bad thing at all. You are spoilt for choice. In terms of finding what
works for you as a consumer, take time to know your skin – I'd strongly advise a skin analysis done by a skincare professional. This informs you of your skin type and skin profile. Knowledge being power, once you're aware of your skin, you can make informed buying choices – and that’s then where Corium comes in as skincare providers.

Corium is a growing skincare brand. What can customers look forward to in the future?

We’re a highly innovative brand, and we have lots in store for our clients. In the short-term future,
we'll be launching our LUXE premium organic oils. These have been sourced from all corners of the globe, and are highly revered natural oils which trace back to many traditional beauty practices. We've included oils used in Ancient Egypt, South Pacific Asia and the Himalayan region, just to pique your interest. A lot of research has gone into the selection of the final oils. PS - be on the lookout for our in-depth series on these LUXE oils, and how to use them. You'll love it!


Let's chat about natural skincare. What's the biggest misconception/s that you'd like to debunk?

The greatest misconception around natural skincare is that natural skincare products are expensive; natural skincare products are actually value for money considering that they don't have any buffer ingredients, which carry zero value for skin.

What are your hopes for the blog?

The blog needs to become a credible discussion platform on all things that relate to natural skincare. It will become a leading voice in the natural beauty arena and be the first reference for our customers and more skincare enthusiasts alike.

Now let's see if the doctor has had a taste of her own medicine! What's your favourite CORIUM product? Why?

I swear by the African Black Soap for cleansing my face. I have dry acneic skin and the soap bar keeps my skin pimple-free and reduces its oily appearance. I'm also a huge fan of both Corium clays masks and they're even my self-care treat once every week. I use the Skin Perfecting Body Butter daily - it keeps the skin on my body looking amazing, and feeling moisturised.

And a note to the Corium community?

We'd like to express our gratitude to the Corium family for the unbelievable growth we've had in a such short time . We hope to continue serving you diligently and honestly, and grow into a leader in the natural skincare space.

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