Toners VS Mists – What’s the Difference?

So now that you’ve met our newly launched Spa-Grade Toners and Mists, you’re probably wondering, “what’s the difference between the two?” Read on to find out!

The launch of our new line of toners and mists has sparked a lot of interest, and we have heard your questions – we’re here to dispel any misconceptions so you can know how to incorporate a toner and mist into your daily skincare routine.

So, what’s the difference?

Firstly, it’s in the purpose of each product: toners remove excess oil and dirt, soothe inflammation and prep the skin for further product application. Mists work to deliver extra hydration and moisture to the skin throughout the day.

Next up is the actual product application – a mist is sprayed onto the skin to seal in moisture and can be used as needed throughout the day when your skin needs a refresher; whereas a toner requires being massaged onto the skin with your fingers or a cotton pad if you want to wipe away the dirt and simultaneously nourish your skin. Furthermore, toners are used twice – in the morning and the evening as part of your beauty routine.

Can I use a toner and a mist on the same day? 

Yes! Remember that a toner should already be part of your twice-a-day skincare regime – you apply it directly after cleansing the skin. The mist can also work as a way to prep the skin before applying make-up on top of carrying it with you so you can reach for it whenever you need to revive your skin.

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