Top Corium Spa-Grade Masking Benefits

To celebrate the first Corium Spa-Grade Masks birthday, we’re recapping the benefits and how to make your tub of goodness go a long way!

Green Tea Clay Mask

Corium launched the Spa-Grade Masks on 27 June 2018. They have become so popular, that #SelfCareSundays with Corium are a thing – we love being tagged on your tweets and Insta posts!

If you’re still unsure what the hype is about when it comes to masking, here’s a quick recap:

Spa-Grade Masks Benefits
  1. Target a specific skincare concern directly
  2. Suitable for all skin types
  3. Boost efficacy of skincare products used after masking
  4. Gentle treatment
  5. Affordable at-home alternative
Which Spa-Grade Mask Should You Use?
  1. If you have acne-prone and oily skin, use the Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask.
  2. For an even tone and brighter complexion, get the Turmeric Clay Mask.
  3. The Pore-Contracting Gel Mask is perfect for dry skin with visibly large pores.
  4. To deep cleanse and repair your skin, try the Activated Charcoal Peel-off Mask.
  5. For dry and dull skin that needs a hydration boost, turn to the Green Tea Clay Mask.

Corium Spa-Grade Masks and Vegan Mask Brushes

Masking Dos & Don’ts

  • Do invest in a mask that matches your skin type
  • Do apply your mask after cleansing the face to ensure product efficacy.
  • Do use your Spa-Grade Masks can be used twice a week.
  • Do not keep the mask on longer than recommended.
  • Do get yourself a Corium Vegan Mask Brush – it minimises product wastage, ensuring that your tub lasts longer.
  • To treat more than one concern at a time, get on the multi-masking trend!

Purchase your Spa-Grade Mask on,,, Plush Luxury, Studio MoMa, as well as Azikho Naturals!

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    Thank you for the great insight. I want to know if I should either use the masks simultaneously (multitasking) or can I use one after another for a pamper day

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