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Welcome to our blog!

We are Corium Skincare,  home to Corium Naturals and Corium Luxe. We are a South African owned natural skincare brand that is making South Africa, and hopefully the world, stand up and notice natural skincare products and solutions. This is our blog where we hope to share tips, tricks, routines and consumer education on natural skincare topics.

Corium Skincare is home to Corium Naturals and Corium Luxe. Corium (pronounced Ko-Ree-Yum) is the Latin word for 'dermis' - the deepest layer of the skin. In its most raw meaning, Corium can also be translated to mean 'the truest skin'. That is what we at Corium are all about: giving you your 'true' skin.




Our brand is built on the hallmarks of simplicity, purity and credibility. Every ingredient in our products is derived from nature, and as far as possible, in its most unrefined and natural state. Our recipes are inspired by traditional African, Himalayan and Ayurvedic beauty practices

OUR Mission

Our mission is to deliver natural skincare solutions which add value to the client, and are competitively priced. We undertake to make use of the purest ingredients in our product offerings, and to retail completely natural beauty products of the highest possible quality.



OUR work

Corium Skincare (Pty) Ltd. has natural skincare products for both face and body. Our products range from cleansers, oil-based serums, body butter, exfoliating scrubs and more. We pride ourselves in botanical products which are not only beautifully packaged, but effective in improving the appearance of skin