African Black Soap – The Look, Uses, Feel and Everything Else In-between

African Black Soap is one of the most superior cleansers. But, do you know how to use it properly? We got you – read on to find out everything there is to know about this popular soap, proudly made in Africa.

The Not-So-Black Appearance

First things first, authentic black soap is actually not pitch black. It’s dark or – in some cases – light brown in colour. It’s also not smooth; it’s actually bumpy and varies in size. Its texture is very soft, and can be very crumbly when broken up. ABS is handmade from the ashes of plantains, cocoa pods and palm leaves, as well as palm oil from palm leaves or kernels. It doesn’t get anymore natural than this!

Corium sources its African Black Soap from Ghana, and is certified premium. We don’t add any dyes or any other artificial colourants to it – it comes from Ghana, and straight to you as it is.

Check out this video produced by Spice TV Africa. It documents a group of Black women in Nigeria, who earn a living from making African Black Soap:

What Does It Do?

Well, this is seriously good stuff. The benefits of this soap – which is made mostly in West Africa, especially in Ghana – are endless. At a surface level, it’s able to alleviate inflammation and irritation. And then after regular use, it’s known to improve skin tone, target hyper-pigmentation and discolouration. What this means in simple terms is that it works really hard to reveal clear and smooth skin.


Our African Black Soap is sourced in Ghana and is certified Premium Quality

But, like all good things, you must pace yourself. ABS is pretty powerful and it’s strength is similar to that of a peel or scrub. So at first, you must not use it everyday. Ease it into your beauty regime once or twice a week, and if no bad reaction occurs, phase it in until you’ve worked out a pattern and routine that works for you.

A little goes a long way too! ABS lathers very quickly so it really is value for money.

Who Can Use African Black Soap?

As discussed on our social media pages, African Black Soap  works very well for people with oily skin that’s acne-prone. If you have dry skin, use it very sparingly. The soap has also been known to tackle symptoms of rosacea, psoriasis and eczema.



Now, let’s hear from you! How has Corium’s ABS helped you?

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